Weight Loss Surgery in India

India is well-known not only for Cosmetic and Orthopaedic procedures like Liposuction and Hip Replacement but also for being a hub of weight loss or Bariatric hospitals and clinics offering low cost affordable and quality bariatric surgery.

More and more people are heading to India for their healthcare needs, and Inspiremedicaltourism will take care of facilitating your trip and helping you reach the right doctor. We work only with doctors that are aware of international standards in their respective specialities and provide world-class treatments to all patients. The facilities in our network are accredited by local and international organizations including the JCI, NABH, ISO, and main strict standards of sterilization, safety, and patient care.

Start planning a medical trip to India for your various healthcare needs and take your first step towards the healthier life you have always desired.

Inspire Medical Tourism is a staunch supporter of facilitating a safe and satisfying medical travel to India. Besides the affordable medical treatments in India, one can explore India’s rich culture & natural beauty.

If you plan to have any weight loss surgery like Gastric Sleeve or Lap band in the USA or Canada you may end up paying close to double the amount of what it would cost you in India. Similarly, Orthopedic surgery like Knee replacement, Rotator Cuff or Total Hip Replacement in India would cost one third of what it would cost you in the USA or any other western country.

India also draws many patients for cosmetic surgery as many clinics offer attractive packages at low cost and are capable of delivering world class services.

India is a one of the top medical tourism destination for all kinds of medical treatments. This boost in Indian medical tourism is because of the fact that medical procedures in India are available at half of that in the US or Canadian and patients do not require to wait in long queues for their surgery.

Also, infrastructure and medical technology in India is in par with those in the western countries. Doctors in India are board certified, highly experienced and are US or UK trained.